mixtape [2]

David Kira – el largo sol rojo (la pluie dans mon monde)
Meredith Bragg – second golden age (nest)
A Lull – weapons for war (confetti)
Washed Out – before (within and without)
Germany Germany – take me home (adventures)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – trouble [chad valley remix]
Elite Gymnastics – omamori (ruin 1) [EP]
Bikini – acheerleader (rip jds) [EP]
Blackbird Blackbird – it all comes back to us (halo)
M83 – midnight city
Okinawa Lifestyle – golden dress (underwater) [EP]
Teen Daze – true romance (seven saturdays remix)
Tahiti 80 – easy (the past, the present & the possible)
Chairlift – bruises (does you inspire you)
Chad Valley – now that I’m real (equatorial ultravox) [EP]